Larry Duff

Practice Areas (areas he needs practice in):

  • Fetch
  • Potty Training
  • Chewing
  • Barking

Larry was born in February of 2018. He was home-schooled by his 9 siblings and excelled at biting, jumping, sabotage, and digging in his water bowl. He was the recipient of several awards, including youngest pup to bring home a dead mouse. He was adopted by the Duff Family in May of 2018 from A Heinz 57 Pet Rescue when he was 9 weeks old.

Larry is currently single. When he is not at the firm, guarding Tom's office, Larry enjoys collecting antiques. His coveted antique collection includes sticks, shredded paper, and rotting unidentifiable objects that reek. He also performs in the Duff Dogs' Famous Orchestra, which performs daily when the mail carrier arrives.


Canine Craze "Puppy Building Blocks" course


Puppy - February, 2018 to July, 2018

Big Puppy - July, 2018 to present

Honors and Organizations:

Founder and Chairdog of the "Bring Your Dog to Work Day" lobbying group

Founder of the Des Moines chapter of Cat Chasers Anonymous

Member of the Organization of Dogs Who Should Get Dessert