"What I want to see come from his death is the fact that no other deaf person will have to go through that again," said Polly Fullbright. But from tragedy comes groundbreaking chance at one Metro hospital. She lost her husband to an undiagnosed heart defect. Tonight his memory lives on. Polly Fullbright filed a lawsuit against a Des Moines hospital because she and her husband (both hearing impaired) did not, she says, have anyone with whom to communicate. News Channel 8's Patrick Bell has this story here.


Though you may not hear her voice, Polly Fullbright speaks from the heart. "My husband was my best friend, my soul mate - if you will. I brought some pictures. This was our wedding. He was a wonderful man," said Polly. But in 2008, the life they worked so hard to build ended in tragedy... See the clip here