I would HIGHLY recommend Tom Duff Law Firm!

I couldn't be more happy with the service provided by the Tom Duff Law Firm! I was apprehensive about pursuing my case legally, although I believed I had one and needed to go that route if I was going to recover expenses for my injury and resulting pain & suffering. I Googled personal injury lawyers in my area, wanting a lawyer to tell me whether or not I had a case, and am SO thankful I decided to contact Tom first through his website! He offered a free initial consultation, and that was significant to me. He promptly returned my email and asked me to call. I briefly told him my story and was then quickly asked a series of pertinent questions. He next gave me a very clear understanding of the case I did have and told me about the possible outcomes I could expect and the fees that would be charged IF I decided to move forward with his firm. He actually gave me advice on writing my own letter first so that I could try to recover and avoid legal fees. For just over a year though, I had been getting the run around from the company I was dealing with, so it was worth the fees to have the case expeditiously resolved. Feeling very comfortable with everything I heard, I knew immediately that I wanted to proceed. Tom spelled out the exact steps that would be taken and told me the information I would need to gather for him to get started. I cannot believe how easy the entire process was made, how professional the service was, how timely everything occurred, how little I was even involved, and how happy I am with the way things turned out! I would HIGHLY recommend Tom and his assistant Wendy for personal injury law.

Mindy C.


Wonderful law professionals, helpful and knowledgeable

Tom and Wendy took care of almost all the work. We put our case in their hands, told Tom what we expected, and all is finished perfectly. I can now say I have an attorney!

James S.

Job well done

Tom Duff did an excellent job walking us through everything we needed to know and do. It was a difficult time for my family and I but Tom did a wonderful helping us every step of the way. Bottom line he did what we set out to do and I will recommend him.

Mike C.

Excellent Representation

It was a pleasure working with Dave Denison, Roxanne Conlin and especially Tom Duff. Our case was not an easy one and Tom was able to settle our case and we were very satisfied with the settlement. I would highly recommend Tom Duff and would not hesitate to use his legal services and expertise in the future.

William R.

Excellent Legal Services

The Duff Law Firm, in collaboration with Roxanne Conlin, provided excellent legal advice and support in representing my lawsuit several years ago. They kept in communications with me; they asked me great questions about my experiences; they helped explain the legal "procedures" involved; they addressed my concerns; they worked diligently on coming up with solutions for the concerns raised. I would recommend their services wholeheartedly.

Polly F.

I mattered to Tom

When I found Tom I was at wits end . I had been told by several attorneys I had a thin case. Tom reviewed my case and met with me. I felt like I mattered and I had someone in my corner fighting for me. Tom and his partner Andy , Ferreted out my ex employers collusion. The insurance carrier for my past employer decided to settle the case before we went to court. I would recommend Tom if you are in need of an attorney with his expertise.


Very Professional, friendly!!

I am very pleased with my partnership with Duff Law Firm, P.L.C. I feel that my requests were handled in a timely manner, and very professional! I would definitely use them again and refer them to anybody needing assistance!

Ashleigh S.


My experience working with Duff Law Firm was wonderful. They put a situation that was terrifying to me to be a comfortable, well thought out experience. My concerns were addressed in a professional manner. I was treated as an individual and respected. I was put at ease in all situations. Mr. Duff and his staff took time with me to present a clear case. They answered any questions I had about my case and possible out comes. I could not have been happier with my representation and outcome.

Denise W.

I would like to thank you for your confidentiality and the work you've done. We never had anything to complain about because you and your team have done an amazing job. Not only that but you aren't only just a lawyer to us but a friend as well and have been there to support us through our grief. Again thank you and your team for the tremendous work you have done for each of us. In the future, if anyone needs a lawyer I will recommend them to you. I will keep your number in my phone and if you ever change it be sure to let me know.